E.T.A. Academy

Activate Your Mind

Professional training designed solely with the individual in mind. Our unique training sessions provide a thorough understanding in all aspects of performance. Techniques and skills learned mean results can be achieved when taken forward into the real world. We want our members to keep an open mind, and have fun throughout their experience at E.T.A. Studios.

We have developed a unique training programme that incorporates:

Acting - theatre, television, film, stage, stage combat, monologues, verse and text.

Presenting - broadcasting, work-to-camera, autocue, You-Tube, green screen.

Movement - dance, choreography, fitness

Musical Theatre - all round performance technique (classic to modern)

Singing - vocal range, technique, recording, performance.

Performance - Theatre in Education (TIE), agent showcase, theatre.

Film Crew

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Basildon, UK

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