Singing Lessons

Express Your Soul

Designed with vocalists and performers in mind, we work to develop skills, technique and confidence to help improve all aspects of performance. It is our belief that just about everyone can sing, however, not everyone knows how. By offering step by step coaching and vocal exercises we can enhance everyone's vocal ability.

Are you always watching Britain’s Got Talent, The X-Factor or The Voice and wondering if you too could sing in front of millions of people?

Maybe you have always enjoyed watching the musicals, either on television or at the theatre,  and wondered if you could be the next ‘Maria’ or ‘Joseph’! Or do you just love singing along to the radio in the car or even in into your hairbrush in front of the mirror?

We offer vocal tuition to anyone over the age of eight…with no upper age limit! Each lesson is tailored to suit the individual, and includes a unique combination of theory, practice, exercise and positive coaching, all designed to help you perform to your maximum, be more confident and enjoy it.


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